Screens Within Screens

This essay examines Twitch's influence on contemporary interior spaces, delving into the interplay between architecture, online interaction, and digital empathy. From its origins as in 2007 to its rise as a dominant platform in gameplay streaming since 2011, Twitch mirrors 20th and 21st-century TV programs in which audiences watch individuals react to audio-visual content. The research highlights the emergence of a novel, seemingly domestic landscape: the "non-circadian interior," where broadcasts within screens neither depict time nor reveal windows or daylight. By analyzing the practices of leading Twitch streamers such as xQc, Ninja, or Pokimane, the essay reveals how live broadcasts and archival content blend with architectural materials whose chromatics, reflections, and tectonics operate within the digital topos of the screen.

Category: Essay. English, Spanish
Author/s: Javier F. Contreras
ISSN: 2813 – 8058
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Twitch Analytics: Charlene Claveria, Lisa Divorne, Noémie Castella

Burning Farm. December 22, 2023 / PLOT, No. 72 (February 2024): 164-173