Toilet, Bathrooom, Restroom

This book presents a series of scientific and design interventions that reflect on the evolution of toilets, both public and private, and their various functions today, including their roles as transgressive, informal meeting places and spaces of coexistence. The texts, primarily written for the 2018 symposium, Intimacy Exposed: Toilet, Bathroom, Restroom (organized by the Department of Interior Architecture at HEAD – Genève), investigate the diverse range of uses to which “wet rooms” can be put in social life. They delve into the recent past of modernist technologies and examine the new entanglements among bodies, objects, and media within contemporary sanitation spaces.

Essays by: Alexandra Midal, Philippe Rahm, Michael Jakob, Catherine Ince, Mariana Siracusa, Joel Sanders, Andrés G. Pruñonosa, Josiane Imhasly, Jérôme Nager, Renaud Haerlingen (Rotor), Eva Gil (elii), Bêka & Lemoine

Category: Book. English
Editor/s: Javier F. Contreras, Roberto Zancan
Collection: COLUMN (1)
ISBN: 978-3-95905-583-3
Full book: Open Access
(Leipzig: Spector Books, 2023)