This presentation provides a thorough examination of how social media is influencing contemporary architecture, focusing on interior spaces as sites for consumerism, display, and mediatization. By analyzing the spatial dynamics of the most followed accounts on Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, and Pinterest, alongside the architectural landscapes within user-generated video games such as those hosted on Roblox, and the domestic environments featuring animals—particularly pets—on social media, the presentation sheds light on the ethical, political, and ecological implications of digital platforms. Ultimately, it elucidates the complexities that arise from the integration of technology, media, and architecture in shaping contemporary social interactions and spatial experiences.

Category: Lecture. Spanish
Author: Javier F. Contreras
Conference: MMMAD - Madrid Urban Digital Art Festival
Medialab Matadero, 2024
Madrid. May 11, 2024


Interior Ecologies explores the intersection between the built environment, interior architecture, and their relationship to emerging ecologies, more-than-human relations, post-natural territories, and new digital media. The conference is fully online, featuring innovative broadcast formats that foster interaction among speakers, the audience, and AI-generated content. The event features a series of lectures, roundtables, and experimental performances, showcasing the latest research and design approaches in architecture, ecology, and media.

Category: International Conference
Organization: MAIA, Master of Arts in Interior Architecture (HEAD – Genève)
Institute for Postnatural Studies
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Online. December 20-21, 2023

Mediated Archives

This presentation examines the interior spaces of social media, with a particular focus on Instagram and TikTok as two of the dominant platforms shaping contemporary architectural archiving through the massive production, editing, and circulation of images and videos. The study focuses on the ten most followed accounts on both platforms, analyzing all the posts from 2022 that represent interior spaces without any officially stated commercial purpose. It ultimately questions the role social media plays in the redefinition of our environment and its blurred boundaries, namely how its representation directly affects our everyday material surroundings.

Category: Lecture. English
Author/s: Javier F. Contreras, Paule Perron
Conference: Architecture Archives of the Future. 
Jaap Bakema Study Centre, TU Delft. 2023
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Delft. November 22, 2023