Thinking in the Expanded Media

Manifesto of Interiors explores contemporary architecture as the convergence of physical and mediated spaces, encompassing mass communication and digital platforms. While the Internet has accelerated the overlap of space and media in recent decades, this book traces the roots of this hybridization process back to the Renaissance and addresses interior spaces as a central laboratory in shaping modernity. Considering all forms of representation as inherently architectural—spanning from writing to photography, from drawing to cinema—the manifesto examines contemporary interiors as platforms of “expanded media” that simultaneously belong to different places and temporalities, whether physical or virtual, close or distant. It ultimately delves into recent phenomena, such as the rise of social media and the challenges posed by the Covid crisis, underscoring the pivotal role of interior architecture in defining today’s world.

Category: Book. English, French, Spanish
Author/s: Javier F. Contreras
ISBN: 978-2-940510-45-0
Awards: Selected, XVI BEAU (Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo), 2023
English, French editions: Open Access
© Michel Giesbrecht, Guillaume Collignon
(Geneva: HEAD – Publishing, 2021) / (Barcelona: Puente Editores, 2022)