Thinking and Representation in the Architecture of Enric Miralles

Enric Miralles used to insist that he only designed architecture from ground plans, and it was from plan views that his drawings became intricate cartographies encompassing multiple scales, auxiliary sections, and developed surfaces. The Miralles Projection elucidates both the origin and evolution of Miralles' representation mechanisms, from his time as an architecture student at the Barcelona School of Architecture to his collaboration with Viaplana/Piñón in the 1970s, and from his partnership with Carme Pinós in the 1980s to that with Benedetta Tagliabue in the 1990s. Including previously unpublished drawings and featuring essays and testimonies by former colleagues, collaborators, and partners, this book explains Miralles’ customized use of orthographic projections, connected to a fragment-like conception of the architectural plan and space itself.

Category: Book. English, Spanish
Author/s: Javier F. Contreras
ISBN: 978-1-943532-67-4
PhD Dissertation: 2013
Awards: Finalist, Arquia/Tesis competition, 2015
Spanish Edition: Open Access
(San Francisco: AR+D Publishing, 2020)