The relationship between proximity and distance defines the identity of Logroño. From the first Roman settlements to contemporary times, the city has built its history as a crossroads. Prismarium, our proposal for the information pavilion of the Concentrico Festival, is a crystallography of prisms that organizes the space of the square and establishes an iconic relationship with the changing images of its perimeter. Activated at every moment by the city’s residents and festival visitors, the project combines periscope and camera obscura projection mechanisms that mix images of Logroño in real-time with static information about the activities, tours, and programs of Concentrico. In this way, a landscape of illusions is generated—a pavilion whose information is inhabited in its perimeter, from different oculi and articulated points of view that transform the notions of visual appropriation and public space.

Category: Project. Built
Architect/s: Javier F. Contreras, Ignacio Hornillos
Assistant/s: Cristina Medina, José M. Rueda
Awards: 1st Prize International Competition
Concentrico 06, Architecture and Design Festival
Publications: Monocle, No. 138 (Nov 2020): 104
© Víctor Garrido
Logroño, 2020