Tactile and Reflective Conditions

This essay traces the evolution of Marie-José Van Hee's architecture, with a specific focus on material and tectonic aspects. While early projects like the Lowie-Derks House indicate a transition from symbolic exteriors to experiential interiors, her mature works, such as the Varkensstraat House and the Market Hall in Ghent, illustrate the simultaneous use of textured solidity and atmospheric reflections to incorporate the patina of time into architectural perception. The essay concludes by exploring Van Hee's pursuit of tactile tectonics and layered transparencies in recent decades. In the Buyl and Declercq houses, traditional notions of perspective and figuration, nature and domesticity, are challenged, providing a sensory experience of the tactile and reflective conditions of architecture.

Category: Essay. English
Author/s: Javier F. Contreras
ISBN: 978-90827-6351-5
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Hilde Peleman, and Katrien Vandermarliere, eds. Marie-José Van Hee Architecten: More Home, More Garden (Ghent: Copyright Slow Publishing, 2019), 217-229